About Me

GM NFT OGs, good morning NFT newbies,

I am „Queen of Fomo“. After my first year in NFTs in 2021, I decided to start the year 2022 with this blog – welcome!

My focus lies exclusively on NFTs. The world has woken up to NFTs and a huge wave of adoption is happening. Yet, people are divided in three major camps:

  1. The OGs – people who embraced the NFT space early on and often already profited massively from their early curiosity
  2. Newbies – people who want to enter the NFT space but don’t know where to start, since the NFT space seems difficult to comprehend and a crazy jungle and you don’t know where to find valuable information
  3. Sceptics – people who condemn NFTs as a stupid hype and useless jpegs, often rejecting them without understanding them

The goal of this blog is to bring you a personal view on NFTs, trends, collections and artists in this exploding new world. I hope to entertain you with interesting interviews and posts, regardless of whether you are a newbie, an NFT OG yourself or a sceptic. Particularly for new people entering the space in 2022, I hope that my posts will be a good starting point for you to dive into the exciting world of NFTs – whether as a collector, trader or creator.

Lastly, I have been a big supporter of diversity and female empowerment for many years – both as a manager in my real life job as well as by being what I call a feminist artist. This is one of my many feminist paintings:

I am happy to make my contribution to female empowerment in the NFT space early on, for this is a female led blog. I will not talk exclusively about them, but I plan to put great emphasis on female-led collections, community members and artists.

Enjoy the read 🙂

Yours, Queen of Fomo